Laminate Flooring Advice from Experts

Costco laminate flooring reviews will help you in getting the best laminate flooring for your house. Well, laminate flooring is great option for you who want to have elegant, warm, and extraordinary look for your house without sacrificing the budget that much. Laminate floor is actually made of synthetic and solid board. You can have the natural pattern like the wood as you like without have to buy wooden floor or parquet. Laminate floor is fairly durable, easy to maintain, and pretty affordable. This is why people love to install this kind of flooring material in their house.

Costco Laminate Flooring Reviews
Costco Laminate Flooring Reviews

Well, in this article we have several pieces of useful information for you who will install the laminate flooring in your house. This material can be installed by professional or even the homeowner. So, read this article.

Make sure the room square

How will you start the project without knowing the exact square of the object? It is important to measure the exact size of the object. You should use the tape measure or the digital one with laser in order to measure the square of the room. Besides the room’s square, you also have to make sure that the walls are parallel too. It is very possible if one side of the room has 5 inch narrower than the other side. It means you have to think about how to place the floor. The good professional will make it unnoticeable.

There are many brands of laminate flooring. If you are not sure, you can take a look on the internet and find the Costco laminate flooring reviews.

Use the proper tape

Tape is one of the most important things when you are going to install the laminate floor. It will keep you on track though. The first point that should be taped is the underlayment seams in all surfaces. Well, there are so many brands of tape you can use. But most of them could create annoying noises when something steps on it. So, it is better if you find a tape that is recommended or sold by the manufacturer or underlayment. Other than that, there are several brands of underlayment that come with seam tape in built-in mode.

It is really recommended by the pro if you install the underlayment in perpendicular pattern as the way the floor is going to be installed. We still remind you to read Costco laminate flooring reviews.

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