How To Cut Laminate Flooring

How To Cut Laminate Flooring for DIY project that you consider by your own? Laminate floor is offers you great flooring option for beauty and cost. It is durable, and gives affordable cost to install especially when you have this DIY skill.

How To Cut Laminate Flooring
How To Cut Laminate Flooring

Tools that you need for cut laminate flooring are tape measure, marking pencil, laminate floor cutter, jigsaw, coping saw, profile gauge and combination square. The laminate floor cutter is the tool that every professional use for cut laminate boards into length that desired. Instead of sawing the laminate, cutter chop the laminate board with tough blade and long handle. It is quiet without too much noise and no saw dust remains.  There laminate cutters start from $70 for the cheapest base model and the higher 4500 for the professional done. For your DIY work to cut laminate flooring with affordable cost and good result and durability are Buller tools EZ shear sharpshooter cutter for laminate and siding that cost $250 and Roberts 13” cutter for laminate, vinyl and engineered wood that cost $179.

Step to step cut the laminate flooring

It seems that it is easy, but you still need to be careful if you want to have careful to result best pieces cut of laminate flooring.

  • Cut the length of laminate flooring

First to do is measured the length that you required use tape measure and mark the board. Use square and pen and create straight line across the board face. Use laminate cutter to cut the waste side line and remove any ink remains use damp cloth.

  • Cut the width of laminate flooring

Cut the laminate flooring width is needed for install the last board before into obstacle such as to wall, fireplace or to cabinetry. Please remember that laminate flooring need expansion space to keep the flooring with humidity and warm at least ¼ inch.

Lay the full piece laminate in the top of second last piece, snug to wall and measure for the overlap amount. Cut the laminate scrap as wide as the overlap plus ¼ inch to mark the space of laminate that have to remove. As the piece against the wall, put the guide into top of it against the wall too. Run the guide down to the board length hold the pen in outside base to mark the last piece for cutting. Cut the piece in waste line side and remove the ink use damp cloth.

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