How much does it Cost to Install Laminate Flooring

There are many homes owner that preferably for choosing laminate floor for their home flooring option. This due to the affordable Cost To Install Laminate Flooring rather than other flooring option and get same ways for elegant and beautiful wood flooring option. Laminate flooring is available in many styles and finishing option and this flooring is has enough durability and resist from dents and scratch. Overall, this is flooring option that deal for homeowner that want beauty of wood flooring without spending too much cost for buying, installing and maintaining the flooring.

Cost To Install Laminate Flooring Lowes

The lowest cost for install laminate floor is $585 and the expensive is $6000. Most of homeowner spends cost for install laminate flooring about $1438 into $4018 average cost. Laminate flooring is able to install over to existing flooring that means can save time and hassle. This also can save money from remove the existing flooring. The labor cost that need to spend for 20 by 20 foot room ranges average from $450 to $900 and this is for DIY project installation. If you use professional laminate flooring service, then person with same sized area will cost about $1500 to $5000. The additional cost that charged such as ripping out the existing old floor, repairing or replace subfloor, or remove any parts in installation will added as extra fees into total laminate installation service cost.

There are many benefits for install laminate flooring and the biggest one is the price. The cost for install is less rather than install real wood floor. This flooring is more difficult to scratch, does not require high maintenance and it can save homeowner much money. Choosing right laminate flooring can be overwhelming for those who does not know the pros and cons from laminate floor and the requirement for their home due to wide range options available from laminate flooring to choose. There are specific factors that need to consider when choose best laminate floor to choose.

  • The length of warranty. Most of laminate flooring includes warranty to the products. Read the warranty that includes covering which can lead from stress and hassle when the floor has installed.
  • The AC rating is use to know the durability from the laminate flooring.
  • The texture from flooring is important for consider as it held the role for replicate the look and the feel from real hardwood feeling. The high gloss texture is best option for those who are looking for best dents and damage resist.




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