Flooring Ideas Carpet: What to do Before Installation

  1. Measure the Room Size

It is important to measure the room size before applying Flooring Ideas Carpet in your house. After knowing the size of the room which you wanted to install the carpet, then you could decide either to apply carpet to the whole floor or only some part of it. It is better to install carpet in the inner room, and not in the lobby of the house. It is because home lobby might be dirtier as it is the way that people trampled on it. Even so, it is then back to your choice based on your preference. The main thing is measuring it first, and then you can also combine it with different pattern, based on the measurement.

  1. Choose the color blend

If you just move to the new house, it is better to paint the wall part first, before covering floor with carpet. Then, before applying Flooring Ideas Carpet to the house, choose the similar color with the wall color, or make the good combination. In example, salmon wall can use soft grey for the carpet color. You could also use darker color in order to distinguish the dirt on the carpet. Choosing bright color will show the dirt on the carpet easily noticeable. You could also use carpet with pattern, or combine more than two carpet colors. If you have many room decorations, you should not choose carpet color that will dominate the look in the room, so that the decorations will not eye catching just like the carpet.

  1. Choose the best material

Choosing the best material is important before applying Flooring Ideas Carpet in the house. Adjust the carpet material based on the room temperature. Room with low temperature can use thick carpet material. While, thick carpet will make room with high temperature become hotter. Chose the material that is easy to clean, and that is not easily torn apart.

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