Flooring Combination Ideas: Wooden and Ceramics

  1. Room Separation

You could use Flooring Combination Ideas between wooden and ceramics together. Some people use it to make separation between a room to another room. This combination is designed in order not to make the same pattern for all over house. In example, floor in the dining room using ceramics material, while in the family room used wooden material. Ceramics material flooring in kitchen could decrease the damage possibility, while wooden flooring in the family room could build classic atmosphere to the family. This model could also be used as room separation for the without wall as separation. It is like space between living room and family room without wall separation. Then it can using different material for flooring in order to make clear separation between the two rooms.

  1. Square and Square Line

Another Flooring Combination Ideas for wooden and ceramics is square shape and the line. Square shape is made of square shape from ceramics, and then, the outer line between the ceramics using wooden material. You could also make another shape besides square. It is like making circle shape, by using ceramics which is cut into square, and then the outer using wooden floor. This concept needs calculation to the room size, and the circle concept is more complicated compared to the square concept. You could also change the way it is using, like the square shape made of wooden material, and the outer line used ceramics.

  1. Yin and Yang Combination

For this Flooring Combination Ideas, the shape is designed to be like yin and yang basic shape. It is without making small circle in the middle. Simply saying, the shape is similar to the wave shape, or yin and yang dent. It is suggested to use similar color between the two materials. As most of wooden material have dark brown color, then ceramic color should adjust to wooden color, like by using soft brown or salmon color.

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