Engineered Wood Flooring Reviews

The engineered wood flooring is popular in recently as flooring option but it is often misunderstood with laminate flooring, and it common struggle to get the respect that deserves to get. What so special in this flooring? Here is what you can read about Engineered wood Flooring Reviews that will make you know why this is best quality wood flooring option and the benefits. From the inside, the main benefits of engineered wood floorings are the strengths due to its durability, and the good looks. Since it has been launched in 1960s, this wood flooring has becomes whole new ways for home flooring option as well as commercial option.

  • Clever construction. A great thank to engineered wood flooring that have strong and resistant to contraction and expansion.  The engineered wood flooring is made from bonding various layers of wood together and then topping with solid wood or top layer. The engineered wood flooring has clever construction that stand with fluctuation of moisture and temperature in the room. It is great option for kitchen and bathroom that have this characteristic.
  • The right option. As there is solid wood flooring, then there also varies of engineered wood flooring. Thickness. It is important for choosing the right thickness of engineered wood flooring you need before you buy one. There also range of finishes option in sense such as oiled finish, aged, hand distressed, or lacquered finish.
  • 3 ply or multi-ply. The engineered wood flooring is made with two ways. The 3 ply board is made from three layers and the multi ply is made with more layers of ply in the core base board. The three ply is cheaper than multi ply but it criticized as weaker quality and in particularly it has weakness in groove and tongue part.

If you want to install engineered wood flooring in heating floor that you need to choose multi ply option as it has better stands up to temperature changes that caused by heating system in your room. The multi ply boards is glued together for create strong and resilient board. If you want to have engineered wood flooring that able to sand and refinish repeatedly, then you need to choose board that have top layer or thick lamella.  For extreme stability requirement, choose thicker core board. If need to fit flooring under floor heating, ensure it not too thick as the heat will not transferred well into your room.

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