Engineered Floor Joists

Engineered Floor Joists offer you best option for wide option of floor to commercial and residential purposes. The Engineered Floor Joist is strong, lightweight, with “l” shaped engineered wood structural which meet with performance standards demand.  Joist Engineered Floor is best for long span, include with the continuous spans over to intermediate supports. As joist flooring is straight, it is easier for builder to prevent crowning and keeping the level framing surface. This is product that designed for reduce the problem that occurs when using conventional wood joist.

The product is has strength quality in size and weight. There are advantage when using Engineered Floor joist such as it will not twisted, bowed, crowned, checked, splinted as the dimensional lumber piece. The joist dimensional is soundness and it has little or no shrinkage that help to reduce squeaky in floors.  The disadvantage to this wood flooring type is it has rapid structural that failure during fire, reduce the time available to escape and also increase the danger of firefighters.

The engineered flooring is easier for install instead there are some homeowner that even enticed for installing their engineered floor by themselves.. To install ijoist, it requires correct installation. The misplacing or sizing hole in the web improperly is the most common mistake that able to influence the joist strengths, and can lead to the failure in structural. The other common mistake that also occur in installing ijoist Engineered Floor is cutting and chiseling flange, improper nailing, wrong sized nails, and improper sized joist hangers. When you hire professional, you may require extra cost to installation. For example, when you repair joist floor, you preferable to buy other items that will be uses in renovation process. The cost include the joist hanger and joist hanger nails, floor joist tiest, floor joist pocket liners and insulation for floor joist. You also need to calculate the delivery cost.

The most common dimensions that use for joist floor are 2 inch X 10 inch and 2 Inch X 12 inch. The dimensional lumber price is vary from supplier and usually several factors are influence. A high quality Engineered Floor commonly cost in between $8 to $12 per square foot.  Compared with exotic or highly coveted hardwood, like maple, it is cheaper to choose Engineered Flooring. The factors that influence the price include the location, dimensions, and supplier. Because floor joist provide entire support and floor structure, then it is extremely important and hiring professional is highly recommended.

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