Simple Guide to Clean Your Engineered Wood Floors

How To Clean Engineered wood Floors? Maybe, that is the question that you have. Yes, actually, engineered wood floors are one of great choice. It’s easy to install and it’s lot cheaper than real wood floor. However, to make it always stay in good condition, you need to give it best treatment. One of them is by cleaning them. Now, the important question is how to do that?

  1. The Equipment
    First, you need to prepare right equipment to clean your engineered wood floor. For this one, you can use the soft broom or dustpan. You need this equipment to clean dust and dirt that usually can be found on the floor. Or, you also can use the mop. Make sure you make it slightly-damp to make it easy to use to clean the dust. Basically, you can’t use the too wet equipment to prevent too much moisture exposed on your engineered wood floor.
  2. The Cleaning Process
    It’s actually easy. You just need to wipe the area where you install engineered floor gently with the tools and equipment that mentioned above. The engineered wood floor itself is easy to clean. Therefore, you won’t need to have hard time to do that. If there are too many water left behind after you clean it, make sure you wipe it clean with dry towel or cloth. The moisture can cause many problems, such as fungi and such. That’s How To
    Clean Engineered wood Floors.
  3. The Things You Need To Avoid
    After you know how to clean your engineered wood floor, now, you need to know what you shouldn’t do. For this one, there are three important points you have to notice.

    • Ammonia and Vinegar is two forbidden thing. Using them will only corrode the floor and damage it.
    • Do not use steam cleaner. This will make the moisture absorbed deeper into the engineered wood floors. And, this will damage the wood material.

Basically, the most important thing that you need to do is cleaning your engineered wood floor without leaving too much moisture. And, if you can, do it regularly. This will help you to keep your floor last longer. And, usually, when you buy and install engineered wood floor, you will also get instruction how to clean it. Follow it thoroughly and do not use your method. This will only cause damage because you don’t know How To Clean Engineered wood Floors the right way.

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