How to Remove Scrapes and Scratches from Laminate Floor

Remove scratches from laminate floor needs certain effort. Basically, laminate flooring consists of multiple layers. The layer on the very top is made of tough plastic. This is great because though plastic is able to stand up for the daily wear and tear. Laminate floor is generally durable and able to stay good for years. But still, it could get scratched easily sometimes. You need to repair the scrapes and scratches by using putty or wax.

Remove Scratches From Laminate Floor
Remove Scratches From Laminate Floor

Matching the color

If you want to repair the scratch on the laminate flooring, it is highly recommended to find the color that is matched with the floor’s color. If it is possible, you better call the manufacturer of the flooring so you can get the repair kit from the manufacturer directly. Almost all manufacturers of laminate flooring also sell the repair kits. The repair kits consist of colored putty, wax pencils, and also the putty knife that will help to fix the minor damage. If you are not sure about the manufacturer of your laminate flooring, you can bring the sample of the floor and bring it to the store.

Filling the minor scratches

The other way to remove scratches from laminate floor is by filling the minor scratches with wax pencil. But make sure that the color of the pencil is matched with the floor color. After the scratches are filled with wax pencil then it will be blended with the rest of the surface of the laminate floor. You should rub the surface across the opposite side of the scratch with wax pencil back and forth until the scratch moves. After the scratch filled with the wax, you can use soft cloth and gently buff on the edge to repair the floor until the rest of the floors are well blended.

Fixing minor scrapes

If the floor has deeper scratch or wide scrape, the wax pencil is not going to be enough to repair or filling the laminate flooring. So, you will need to use putty for this case. You will need putty knife or stick of wooden craft in order to spread the putty on the scratch or scrape. You should hold the knife at certain degree which is on the angle of 45-degree and then press the putty across the scratch or scrape from multiple sides. Make sure that the putty fills the scratch completely so you already remove scratches from laminate floor.

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