Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors

Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors is having intense and regular cleaning schedule. This will give you not only like new laminate floor but also shiny look. When laminate floor cleaned regularly this prevent scratched and warped. In order to clean laminate floor, it is recommended for not use harsh cleanser that can risk damage and streaks the laminate floor. The regular cleaning use dry mop and intense cleaning use warm water and mild cleaner should apply well. Here are ways for clean your laminate floor.

1. Regular cleaning

The regular cleaning will help you to have maintained laminate floor. First thing that you need to do is sweep the floor regularly every few day for remove dirt. Next is clean up any liquid spills because the stains from liquid spills can damage the protective layer wear from the laminate flooring. Do not wait the spills to sit in floor longer.

2. Hot water cleaning method

As it is stated before that warm water is needed for intense cleaning laminate floor. This wet wash need to do every few month or when there is wide area from the floor that get notably dirty or muddy. When warm water cleansing is do in correctly, this will not leave any streaks as water becomes the mildest cleanser.

3. Use Home Cleanser Formula

Here, you can use your formula to cleanse your laminate flooring. The mixing vinegar and water can help you to cleanse your laminate floor. Pour 60 ml white vinegar with 1000 ml water to spray bottle and shake well. Diluted vinegar is very helpful for caked laminate or mud or any stubborn stains that has become faded or dull. When you spray the solution, do not sprays in wide area at once, wipe the solution immediately use smooth or microfiber. Please no use cloths to wipe out as it can abrasive damage to protective layers.

The second formula that you can use is using mild detergent or shampoo. Use baby shampoo to clean but choose without scented or dyed dish detergent because this can damage your laminate floor. Mix the soap and water and mixed until it bubbled. Soak the mop and wring it before you use to mop laminate floor.

Tips to clean your laminate floor

Your traditional broom is not best cleaner for laminate floor. Always choose dry dust mop or vacuum cleaner. Regular broom just leave many dirty behind. Protect your laminate floor by consider no-shoes rule in your laminate floor area.

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